The grin from the mouth to the ear forced the singer to come again

ant to see it back to me? Animation two words! Reading the original is more exciting!

[self testing] Youth Day have half a day off you could do

ay 4th,
54 youth day.
You know what? The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council has made it clear that the Youth Day holiday applies to 14 to 28 years of age.
/ / since youth festival and the March 8th women's festival the same nature,
belong to the part of the group for holiday,
if in May 4th of that year to catch up on Saturday and Sunday will not make other holidays,
The Central Committee of the Central Committee said that the morning or afternoon holidays were not made as hard as possible.
The units were determined by the circumstances.
young man,
have you had a holiday? Last year,
Sichuan online did 54 Youth Day,
did you have a holiday? 54 Youth Day is a holiday.
According to the online survey,
80% of the net friend's units are not on the 54 you

Although my youth fed the dog, I felt that my whole life had changed

f a dog is completely different from that of a dog.
Many things can only be understood by dogs,
and there are many reasons for dogs.
Maybe you'll feel the same here.
They have a lovely appearance,
just hold feel very happy; they have sharp teeth,
but never wanted to hurt you or they do not speak,
but recognize your voice; they all rely on you are enthusiastic,
and boring life because they become five colorful; you will always be it never regret the choice sometimes,
the world is big,
big that we feel is too small; but as long as the home,
and together they can forget all the troubles,
that's why I love dogs,
because it has a kind of important and family! Note: the picture @ Wu Qiongqiong love painting,
outdoor play lectures,
on-site service,
genuine mall WeChat ID:lechong-006 according to

Smoke and wine and stay up late, myocardial infarction in front of how life and death racing?

f myocardial infarction,
many people think that this is the elderly disease,
but in fact,
in recent years,
more and more young life was taken away by myocardial infarction.
Experts said that young people with myocardial infarction,
work stress,
stay up late and other bad habits are closely related,
it is recommended for targeted prevention.
In addition,
young people should also pay attention to the signs of myocardial infarction,
sometimes inexplicable pain,
stomach pain and toothache may indicate a death,
to help and self-help,
such as waiting for emergency doctors,
can cough continuous force,
you can save my life.
30 years old,
less than two months ago,
25 year old couriers Liu appeared after chest tightness and chest pain symptoms,
each lasting 5

In order to use the Premiere clip Deadpool editors do what work

small survey last year,
asking for your favorite clip software,
and finally getting the most votes is Premiere,
the result is surprising.
A lot of teaching courses are considered Premiere based teaching software,
so the popularity of Premiere is very high,
but the Premiere clip large film case is rare,
the movie  Deadpool is the use of Premiere clip,
before we share a clip in the interview guide Deadpool,
and the idea of editing Deadpool,
he details of how to explain a play,
how to deal with the rhythm,
how to deal with the actors,
how to select the fragment.
Click to jump) this time on how to use Premiere software to focus on how to deal with workflows,
what are the fast tips,
and so on.
Very interesting content.
If you are a Premiere user or want to try a new workflow,
this article

The New York Times lists Guizhou and Hangzhou as the 52 most visited tourist destinations in the world

New York Times published in 2016 the world's 52 most visited tourist destination,
the list of cities in the country there are two,
one is Hangzhou,
one is Guizhou.
We are familiar to Hangzhou,
the Guizhou is simply too eccentric,
absolutely ignorant of,
small not small down.
So I decided to go into Guizhou with everyone today and get to know Guizhou.
The landscape on the mountains,
you will conquer nature heroic love; in Wan Feng,
you will have to return to the nature of mystery.
Entering Guizhou,
Huangguoshu Waterall is the largest waterfall in Asia.
It is the only waterfall in the world that can be viewed from the top,
front and rear directions.
Known as the Maling River Grand Canyon,
the most beautiful scar on the earth,
72 waterfall in a gorge,
a wat

Father posing as a teenager and Daughter online love, to get the daughter Luo photo

ay daily anecdote I give him a small text,
so have the following dialogue.
It is suggested that the long word of the May Day holiday be removed,
only three days long,
and it is not shameful to say no.
Do you know what the fuse of the 54 Movement was? The May Day holiday is too short.
So later,
please call May Day a little holiday! Of course,
I also suggested that the small post small word change,
should be called small boss,
this is consistent with his size.
We all remember the circumcision advertisement before Tucao too? This is the following.
I cut the first root,
they Tucao second half price ,
never thought that this piece of TM came true.
The hospital now,
it's really hard to have a ball.
Such a small advertising,
I look hungry.
Suggest chest advertisement also hurriedly