60 after the middle-aged, 70 after the young, 80 after childhood, 90 are here

o not say anything else just say when we belong and then down down down at that time,
the most advanced international hotel banquet table,
with Pomfret,
a Mongolian hot pot with ingredients,
side overlord duck duck's egg,
crab tofu,
smoked fish,
braised trotter.
The Moutai is 8 yuan.
The drink is orange water,
a popular drink of that time.
At that time,
there were hardly any motor vehicles except buses in the streets.
Everyone rode bicycles to work.
At that time,
Santana sedan is tyrant configuration,
Red Flag brand car is God class tyrant configuration.
At that time,
a few cents a pound,
10 yuan to support a family.
At that time,
the entertainment was basically broadcast,
the factory,
the house,
the radio station day and night,
listening to the people talking and