9 city parks draw spring. Did they make a good appointment?

holiday has passed,
but small partners can come to say walk away trip.
It doesn't need to be too far.
The park in the city can satisfy you to go for a spring outing,
enjoy flowers and play.
Here are 9 small parks that have been personally visited.
The pictures are authentic and the information is reliable.
6 free park 1.
Zhaolin Park recommend reason 1.
city with mountains and water trees,
can stroll can view can play park.
the tour is 1-2 hours long,
convenient transportation,
you can bring baby to play.
The park scenery 1.
flowers blooming ~ down down 2.
other landscape / Li Zhaolin's tomb,
buried here in March 9,
named after the reason is Zhaolin park.
The rockery: Although there is no real mountain towering,
also can satisfy the desire of children want to climb the mountai