Although there is no egg cake, but this year's fashion Oscar is also fascinated, amazing

ime on the evening of May 2nd,
the annual fashion Oscar Met Gala grand opening! Here,
you can experience what the real celebrity gathered,
god horse? You don't even know what Met Gala is Don't worry,
remember last year's Shandong Diva Rihanna's exploding egg dress? And the van Max wearing the whole forbidden city.
The China Dave group stunning actress delegation here: here they are to participate in the Met Gala,
even the red carpet regular Fan Ye are the first,
you dare to believe? Met Gala is the full name of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Metropolitan Museum of charity ball Art Costume Institute Gala Benefit),
I don't see is to raise money for the charity ball,
love is not necessarily to buy tickets to say ~ actress,
socialite crowded broken