As tall as Song Hye Kyo, 160cm + you learn to dress like this

60 cm in height is said to be not fit to wear a long skirt! Is that really the case? Song Hye Kyo is wearing,
Hudgens is also wearing,
these are not high sister star still dressed up in the United States and the United states.
let's talk about how to wear a long skirt in order to ignore our height and some of the fashionable dresses that are in fashion this year.
A red Song Hye Kyo department,
recently with the sun and then circle the new seed powder,
the costumes in white robes,
is a series of very easy to copy the look.
Song Hye Kyo wears the weight of the center of the waistline! High! High! So wearing trousers and shorts,
skirts also choose a variety of high waist paragraph! When it comes to long skirts,
Song Hye Kyo is more attractive to wear,
so that you suddenly