Auto insurance, heavy rain and heavy rain led to the car was smashed trees, engine water, insurance compensation?

y holiday is over,
think about yesterday,
but this is definitely you today: after the May Day,
the Dragon Boat Festival,
the Dragon Boat Festival,
and the mid autumn festival.
My enemy is work,
the enemy of the work is holiday,
so I and holidays are always a front line comrade in arms! The weather is unpredictable,
the car have good and bad fortune.
Yesterday a wild storms swept through the city of Dalian,
the work of a silent protest.
The strong wind uprooted many trees,
blocked traffic and made people feel bad.
Many private cars were also attacked by the big trees,
which were beyond recognition.
Look at the mangled streets and smashed the car can not open it,
I know the owners feeling at the moment,
this is a bother anyone,
the car hit the tree to avoid leaning to either side of tianling