Beijing, why Miaofeng Mountain rose slowly until June and July.

slowly Beijing and every day we get your honey Jinding Miaofeng Mountain,
is the old Beijing people's spiritual home,
since ancient times,
the emergence of more than 400 years of Miaofeng Mountain traditional folk festivals grand,
can be said to be the true expression of Chinese traditional folk culture charm,
a kind of spirit but also the pursuit of the good people life.
2016 Beijing West Miaofeng Mountain traditional folk festivals,
Jinding community auspicious Hongyang Miao Feng Fu culture as the theme,
with the protection of traditional folk culture heritage mining for the purpose,
will be held in the Mentougou Miaofeng Mountain scenic area in Beijing city from May 7,
2016 to May 21st.
This folk temple fair lasts 15 days.
If you are interested in folk custom in Beijing,
you must