Bilingual sumo conference, ampamp, post disaster reconstruction, illustrated, Japan

emperature photos about Japan after the earthquake,
after a lapse of 11 days at school,
Xiongben City Tian bottom primary school children in the classroom laughing (Xiongben north,
April 25,
2016 photograph: Yamazaki Kazuki) 11 days in school attendance.
This immediate classroom was a smile,
or see estate in Xiongben city primary school in the Department of pediatric field for UTI = Xiongben city in April 25,
2016 before 8:18,
Yamazaki Kazuki the number of SUMO lux and gathering of relevant personnel in violation of the provisions of the various measures for the seminar.
Is sitting on the front left yokozuna Alex Bai Peng (Tokyo Ryogokukokugikan,
April 25,
2016 photograph: dry trend of lux,
Takeuchi) department,
who set this line: guys ~ terms illegal case exclusion of comprehensive count