BMW Bao Chun new car attracted the focus of new cars listed in May

ing to buy a car in May? If so,
the following section of the upcoming new car will be listed in May,
we must pay more attention! Because the new car design and technology will be more advantages.
BMW new X1 listed time: X1 May 20th NEW UKL platform to build on,
it will be equipped with 1.
5T and 2.
0T engine,
which 1.
5T can enjoy half purchase tax benefits,
it can directly reduce the cost of car buyers to purchase 1.
And its body length,
width and height were 4565/1821/1624mm,
wheelbase 2780mm.
Body design,
a rich sense of muscle.
The wider,
longer body gives the car a better space.
The latest news points out that the new X1 will go public in May 20th,
starting at 286 thousand.
Its 1.
5T engine has a maximum power of 151 horsepower,
and is matched with a 6AT transmission.
The 2.
0T engine i