Car recall scale continues to rise, imported cars into large recall

on recently,
according to foreign media reports,
Ford recalled nearly 280 thousand vehicles and pickup trucks,
SUV cars in North America,
including F-150 and the other models,
reported the recall because of including automatic gearbox and rear suspension fault.
According to incomplete statistics,
the first quarter of this year,
25 imported car enterprises total recall 263 thousand and 800 imported cars,
since April,
a sharp rise in the number of car recall,
of which 8 prices of imported cars involved in a single month in April total recall of 293 thousand and 400 vehicles,
all the car companies occupy nearly 50% of the proportion of total recall.
In March and April this year,
new car was followed,
6 new models also listed the pomp of the same day,
and at the same time all new releases and