Constellation female powder counter attack Road, the next Chen Ruoyi will be you?

the phenomenon of popular idol and fan marriage in the entertainment industry,
such as Andy Lau and Carol Zhu,
Jay Chou and Kun Ling,
Jimmy Lin and Chen Ruoyi,
and so on.
many girls are secretly envious,
and anxious.
The next one is herself.
Want to know how to counter attack your family idol male god? Ha ha ha ~ Xiaoxian to this universal grief for you,
teach you the most suitable for you: male god,
not too touched to guard you have Mars in Aries,
the other constellation female beyond courage and execution,
God is be nothing difficult to counter attack.
But to control their three minutes heat,
looking for the goal,
we must adhere to the end.
Taurus is beautiful and good at a long war,
iron pestle can be ground into a needle.
But to learn to show the inner,
can not al