CRM is a pedestrian game

attle through time in the interview field 365 editorial agency founder Liu Zhao,
there is a strong feeling,
that is young and wise,
many 2B founder especially marketing founder,
very introverted.
Although the writer and his familiar five or six years,
or some strange feeling.
But in knowledgeable,
and his eyes were bright.
Not long ago saw a liquor enterprise VP,
about 365.
He said,
very well-known,
out of line is unknown.
He said the line refers to the internal customers of the industry,
out of line is line 365 in other industries.
Is that so? Field 365 CRM and other CRM what is the difference? Theoretically,
the process of interaction with customers can be incorporated into the scope of CRM,
but the frequency of interaction,
the intensity and the business value of attention are dif