Don't be ashamed to see husband and wife

he East China Sea,
the Western Hills,
sorrow is also a day,
happy day,
good every day,
there are new year's day,
there is no new year.
Failing to into a dead end,
people are comfortable,
the heart is also comfortable; since ancient times all rare round,
good things are going on.
Family is a responsibility field,
fertilizer is also Tian,
thin is Tian; hard work,
not lazy,
Feng also like,
owe also like.
Husband and wife this is the previous life,
and also is the edge,
noisy is also the edge; people are not saints,
which have all,
one eye open,
one eye closed.
The natural death,
you can,
as long as he is; conscience of day,
as early as the late heaven,
The children can only advise also motivated,
also not in nature; Sun Zhifu ye,
also by the day by day,
Rich in