Fled to the North Canton deep where have all the people gone?

era ITtime2000 days before leading the British (LinkedIn) released a new 2016 Chinese first-tier cities developed degree of workplace report shows that more and more people in the workplace to consider to the new first-tier cities.
More specifically,
in the left Shanghai people in the workplace,
to the number of new first-tier cities development personnel accounted for 35.
5% of job seekers from Beijing; the proportion is 23.
7%; from Guangzhou and Shenzhen accounted for approximately 20%.
As the going north,
Guangzhou and Shenzhen are becoming more and more crowded,
job seekers are facing increasing pressure from all sides.
As a result,
many people are turning to new alternatives - the new first tier cities.
It is said that from the Guangzhou Shenzhen people go here: since the North