Friday night travel share registration to go to Alaska to Aurora unbelievable beauty

own as the last frontier,
is located on the northwest tip of the North American continent,
rich in resources and stunning scenery.
The experience of visiting Alaska in the summer and winter is quite different,
so people who have been to Alaska will definitely want to go back in the off-season.
You can see the animal to Denali see the snow capped mountains in summer,
the boat ride to the foot of the glacier,
the glacier on foot overlooking the Hardin Icefield panorama,
a rare sight encounter bear fishing; winter must be a road to the north,
go to the famous town of Aurora fantasy light,
self driving experience into the Arctic polar scenery,
experience local transportation.
Now let's follow AERO4400's footsteps and walk into her trip to Alaska.
Alaska travel online sharing will come