In what case, a small married couple has a happy life, but the wife finds the divorce certificate unintentionally...

ncommon for a divorce to buy a house.
But the couple is strange,
second suites have bought,
and his wife was exposed to the television divorce certificate is false,
but also said he did not know,
asked to check out.
/ it is said that Miss Zhou and Mr.
Li in Shenzhen have been married for many years.
The feelings between the two have been sweet and the family life has been perfect.
But one day,
Miss Zhou in the home finishing things,
actually found a divorce certificate,
divorce card impressively is his husband's name.
Miss Zhou was not calm at that time.
Yesterday (2) afternoon,
the reporter saw Miss Zhou,
husband and wife two people.
Miss Zhou presented the divorce certificate to reporters.
Reporters noted that the divorce certificate says Miss Zhou two couples name,