[Michael] situation is so fast refresh the golf GTIClubsportS New Zealand North precursor lap

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the public official news release,
Clubsport golf GTI S with 7 points 49 seconds 21 break the Nurburgring North first car lap record,
but before the best winner is the Honda civic TYPE R,
the result is 7 minutes and 50 seconds 63.
GTI Clubsport S is in the golf competition on the world's first 2016GTI Volta Lake Golf GTI Clubsport based out of research and development,
the new car is a series of parameters to madness: the maximum power of 228kW; 280Nm can erupt the torque at the rotating speed of 1700-5300r/min; 0-100km/h acceleration time is 5.
8S; the highest speed is 162km/h.
In the face of the world's most demanding track,
golf GTI Clubsport S has its own unique settings,
the specific track mode can be set in the drive mode selector.