No limit in pig intestine pizza

many people love Changxin many people love nostalgia,
the old taste can be enduring,
also can make new collocation! Detective Jiao and morning seem to be biased towards the latter.
They like fresh food,
they like to experience excitement,
and the experience is unknown! This is like the delicacy,
9 inch large dumpling pizza,
Sichuan pizza,
pork intestine version of northeast mouth Kung Pao Chicken pizza,
which one do you tried! Sour,
sweet and smelly,
set over the whole flavor,
add color and appearance of the offbeat style! Try to be brave while you are young! Dear! 54 happy youth day! Pizza dumplings 88 yuan,
76 yuan Romania sausage detectives ordered a hidden menu in the dumplings pizza,
super Bacon ham and dried mushroom and mixed Australia cheese,
wrapped in thi