[seemingly monthly salary of twenty thousand] life guide recommend

six years ago,
when you stumbled into a 5 star hotel,
with the eyes was full of all kinds of exquisite makeup of the white-collar men and women in Western dress and leather shoes.
For at that time are young artists for lunch or weekend leisure time,
holding a NOKIA Samsung mobile phone self timer with 5 stars,
of course it is a sign of something.
when you go to the 5 star,
6 star,
7 star hotel,
see the huge crowds of people became lovers feed each cheese cake sweet partner,
or table full of books of writing students preparing for the college entrance examination,
or shopping to some passing to the rest of the intoxicated aunt aunt,
of course,
the door more not less uniform busy you order takeout.
Times are changing,
people's definition of high-end is changing,
but the pursuit