Snacking can also fight cancer, and no one can stop me anymore

ating snacks is a bad habit! But do you know,
in fact,
good snacks can help stabilize blood sugar,
resist hunger,
and reduce overeating.
Better yet,
some snacks are not only tasty,
but they can also fight cancer.
Chocolate can starve cancer cells,
I can not think of it,
today Xiaobian for you six inventory of anti-cancer snacks.
Six new anti cancer snacks,
dark chocolate,
the latest study found that chocolate can starve to cancer cells.
Many studies have shown that chocolate has a variety of antioxidants,
and dark chocolate has 3 times as much antioxidant activity as red wine.
Its polyphenol content is 4 times that of green tea.
How to choose? Choose dark chocolate with a purity of over 65%,
and the darker it is,
the better.
The antioxidant activity of milk,
or chocolate sauc