Teach you how to fix up a drink for breakfast what problem

ast pace of modern life make you part of a breakfast break? Or simply do not know what to eat breakfast,
and simply choose to refuse? Some people eat it,
but that's faster than the speed of light,
or just to save time! If you're eating breakfast this way,
it's no exaggeration to say that your day plan is a bit sloppy and very unhealthy.
In addition to adequate carbohydrate intake,
but also sufficient protein and fat and other ingredients intake,
but also dry mix,
in order to achieve moisture and water supplement effect! So today,
let's introduce some thin to you at first! - breakfast corn juice - By Cc Lu wants to be the main material for Sun Wukong: Sweet Corn 2,
soft white sugar 20 grams of accessories: pure water 700 ml,
open the package after the appearance,
such as Taiwan wall