The activities for the periodic raffle have started again

s in the past and group purchase,
owed a lot of debt orders for 1 cents,
you know we are very sensitive to owe it.
In order to reduce the presence of creditors,
we are considering a regular sweepstakes.
The winning places: 10 this is no prize sponsor,
Japan Babysmile child toothbrush (for our own procurement after teething baby),
a total of 10 (red,
blue 5,
each worth 2000 yen.
The lottery participation method: 1 (required) to take 1 cents to set the address and payment products in our shop,
the most important thing is to fill the correct recipient address and telephone number,
the phone is your lottery numbers.
1 shots per person.
pay attention to our public numbers,
at least until the draw ends.
The system filters out our non subscription users.
(optional) if you haven't