The child was bullied, he beat you, you hit back is not a good idea?

hildren play the thing,
but if our children suffer always will make people depressed.
He hit you,
you hit him is what many parents have said to their children,
but really? Can you beat it? Even if it's played,
is that really good? The author,
in the light of his own upbringing,
from the point of view of a vulnerable child,
teaches you and your child how to protect themselves from harm.
It is a bad thing for a child to be bullied,
and it is worth mentioning once and for all.
If one is over,
and another is three,
it is a big problem.
When I was a kid,
I was bullied outside and never dared to say anything,
because my father would be angry and didn't hit me: he hit you,
wouldn't you hit him?! Sometimes I feel too vexed will carry over to a few.
When I was a child,
I often thought in my he