The dog was left in the bus by his owner and it was heartbreaking when he found he couldn't go home

y night,
in the east of London,
a bulldog was left in an accessible position,
shaking badly! 44 year old bus driver Paul (Amos Paul Mak) about 9:30 found it,
and he immediately stopped the bus on the roadside about 5 minutes,
asking whether any passengers recognize it.
no one responded! Paul's sad look from the dog looked like it was deserted! Passengers are deeply sorry and sympathetic.
Paul recalled: it seems that 2 men took it on the bus,
but they got off in a minute.
Paul decided to take the bulldog in the night on the bus,
he bus as inspiration,
the dog named bus (Buster),
and take photos of it,
upload to Facebook,
hoping to find people who know him.
In fact,
Paul had to take special bus home,
also apply to the company,
but the dog was trying to bite the