The goddess of love and beauty who can refuse to live like Lei Hao.

starts from the 24 floor of | Cinema (movie24luo).
The relationship between actor and role,
sometimes more than lovers also get deeper abstruse,
time couples looking to find out his own way in the eyes of the other.
more mixed blood.
As soon as you enter the camera,
you will be able to personalize the original and re create a rare talent that is very different from your own.
Who played more or less,
the color with his whereabouts.
Seventeen year old don't cry stills,
such as Lei Hao's first character,
the seventeen year old Yang Yuling.
My first is provocative rebellious teenager: you are arrogant Ling? She raised her neck and replied,
when the mountain is high,
the mountains are small.
! With pride,
looks in the splash screen to almost emmanuel.
That year,
Yang Yuling,
17 y