The highest level to eat to eat chowhound to eat

irl named Melissa Hie,
from the beginning of 2009 the first tour,
then opened the door to the world of chowhound.
Each to a new place is all around to eat to eat,
she always put photos online,
finally the hobby chowhound developed into occupation! The key is people will eat will shoot,
this is the highest level of a chowhound! Ice China Chinese dumplings Tomatoes on sticks flesh of a donkey fire China Chinese Chinese HelloKitty bread cakes daguokui China Hongkong Chinese Hongkong lions Chinese egg cake Taiwan travel all over the world and all the world is the dream of many people,
but others have to realize your dreams,
you're still in bed eating potato chips brush ticket ring! HelloKitty donut Japanese flower see dumpling Japanese Cherry cone Japan bream burned Japanese sushi rolls Japane