The JoeAlterShaveandaHaircutMaya hair simulation plug-in is really outrageous

have and a Haircut is a Maya hair simulation plug-in.
It can simulate furry animals,
hair style,
beard and so on.
The simulation effect is super realistic.
Product features: beautify the characters,
face spots? Shave and a Haircut the moment to make it look lily-white skin beautification function! Hair combing below is King Kong in Universal Pictures.
he seems to be thinking: Shave and a Haircut comb effect so good? Lady at the back,
stand aside! Mental Ray texture rendering support SOLIDANGLE,
Maya Software 'S Renderer,
V-Ray Rigging has the advantages of simple operation dynamics Shave 9 new features: 1.
new display options 1) real time GL Shading 2) VP2.
0 fusion Maya 20153) in the observation window to see MultiRes Hair 4) interactive texture update 2.