The new economic differentiation investment weak strong science and technology new economy index in April -- Chinese smartfortune BBD interpretation

rt term,
due to the NEI measurement inputs (i.
capital and Technology) rather than output,
the new economy has a share or volatility due to the impact of short-term policy factors and traditional economic trends.
The | chief economist Shen Minggao researcher Li Yuanfang BBD China April Caizhi main point of the new economy index (NEI) released on May 2nd,
the new economy accounted for the entire economy is 30%,
the previous month fell 2.
1 percentage points,
slightly higher than the average level since August 2015.
The latest data show a clear divide in the new economy.
First of all,
since March NEI debut,
steady growth measures to bear fruit,
the traditional economy to pick up,
NEI fell for two months.
the new economic capital investment accounted for last August NEI stat