The sweetest word a mother's lips can emit

st word a human lips can make is the mother,
and the best cry is the mother.
It is a simple but meaningful word,
full of hope,
and all the intimate,
and beautiful feelings in the human heart.
In life,
mother is everything.
In sadness,
she is a comfort; in the depressed,
she is weak in hope; when she is power; she is a source of sympathy,
kindness and forgiveness.
The sun is the mother of the earth.
She gives birth to the earth with heat and embraces the earth with light.
The earth is the mother of trees and flowers.
She gives birth to them and grows them until they grow up.
The trees and flowers are sweet and delicious fruit and vibrant seed mother.
The mother of the universe,
is the eternal spirit full of beauty and love lacking beginning and end.
The mot