The Taobao model in Hangzhou ordered a braised chicken rice with a knife sticking out of the door

e girl in Hangzhou,
Binjiang District work,
at noon on May 1st,
she called a takeaway at home,
I did not expect,
a nightmare began.
Dada takeout to the little girl,
23 years old this year,
rented in Hangzhou,
a hotel style apartment area.
At 10 a.
on May 1st,
Xiao Fang asked for a braised chicken rice with a meal called send fun.
Fang told reporters,
when takeaway sent,
she was wearing a nightgown,
delivery fast food delivery in.
he knocked at the door and said there was a bottle of water passed through the door.
Xiao Fang found that the water had been drunk,
and then he felt it was wrong.
I did not expect a knife to reach through the door.
The male member with a knife rushed out Fang said,
the delivery man with a fruit knife,
put her into the room on the first