The various themes in Harbin look forward to your arrival

ther got warmer,
many people began to make plans for the summer vacation.
In fact,
careful observation of our city in the fun place,
you will find,
in fact,
around the fun,
good stroll,
delicious places are also quite a lot.
The following small series to introduce a few of the theme park in Harbin,
weekend rest,
you can relax with your family.
Where is the water world of Hulan estuary wetland? Hulan District Yao Bao Street East Village (called port on the eastern side of the bridge) what time open? This year the park opened in June to play what? This is Asia's largest outdoor water park,
a 20000 square meter tsunami pool and wave pool,
6000 square meters of children's wave pool and parent-child paddling shoal,
600 meters long drift river.
In happy water world,
there are water slide,