UF Q1 losses intensified, transformation recipe?

bout the transformation of UF in recent years has been the focus of discussion,
whether it is the Internet financial or rash and too much in haste,
mid last year founded UF super guest,
and charged UF cloud strategy pioneer InfoQuick,
has been controversial,
the industry generally believe that the transformation of the UF still did not find the door.
UF Q1 earnings loss of 217 million,
Internet revenue has not become the main force? From the UF Q1 earnings can be seen,
UF has also continued to force Internet service in the direction of the reporting period,
we see in some of the data can be performed,
the main business is still not out of the shadow of decline,
although the business income realized 590 million yuan,
an increase of 19.
4% over the same period last year,
but the Internet serv