View stars and their past lives, this is the face of the collision through time and space ah!

e say there are at least 7 people in this world who look like themselves.
And not true and false,
hit the face is too common,
not a bit strange,
but you have seen the living people and a few centuries ago,
people hit the face? More amazing is,
and these stars hit their faces,
and some are also famous! There is a wood through time around? There 's a rumor that every person in the world has a lookalike.
We can t check all the people on the planet to prove it,
but when we see the striking resemblance of some celebs and historical figures we can t help but think in what century our lookalikes might have lived.
Here are some photos of famous people and historical figures who look exactly like each other.
immediately seniors alike English can say lookalike.
In addition,
doppleganger can refer