VIXX's view of love out of meat

a's Jelly Fish Entertainment - VIXX to bBand album Chained Up,
not only in South Korea has made a number of music programs,
is set off a frenzy in the Chinese chains and other Asian countries.
The five members of the VIXX come here to share their love view with the goddess,
as well as the criteria for choosing a spouse and the love taboo that you have to know as a fan.
The ideal type.
VIXX if you want to take the example of China female artists,
so what kind of girl is the ideal type of VIXX? My ideal type is a kind of smart actress who will take care of the girls' EQ IQ burst table girl everyone loves ~ I love high school,
especially the secret of the movie about a dozen times special love in the movie Jay Chou and Lunmei Kwai until now is also very love them two short the girls ar