Will the market break down under the window of time?

a large and medium-sized wine vessels of the Shang and Zhou dynasties of Han nationality.
The bronze statue,
the shape of foot round belly or abdomen,
open mouth,
large diameter.
Pictured Wuyang Fang zun.
10 this morning I live on Shanghai refers to make entertainment forecast stock index opened all day long after a strong shock,
closing up,
the Shanghai refers to the trend and all day long my entertainment forecast exactly the same,
although I do not love often engage in this forecast,
but we all face large disc boring,
occasionally play tricks.
It is beneficial to your physical and mental health.
Jue: ancient drinking machine,
equivalent to later generations of wine glass.
Before the round belly,
pour the wine for flow,
after the tail side handle (handle),
there are two columns o