You also eat mulberry quickly don't blame me for not telling you

mulberry began to mature,
the sweet and sour feeling good! Buddies,
and find a sunny afternoon,
a basket,
go to the outskirts of picking mulberry! You know what? This unassuming little mulberry fruit,
but its effect is very good! 1 let us mulberry resistance better mulberry contains large amounts of water,
essential trace elements can effectively expand human blood capacity,
can quickly replenish nutrition to promote hematopoietic function,
enhance immunity.
2 let us mulberry digestive ability strong - mulberry contains tannic acid,
fatty acid,
malic acid and other nutrients,
can help digestion and absorption of fat,
spleen and stomach,
enhance peristalsis.
3 let us mulberry black hair long hair contains a lot of mulberry pigment,