You and your best friend are together because of what, probably is common hate a person

we talked about what you and your best friend are for together.
The person you think of when you see this topic is your good friend! 1 want to try and make friends mortal sense of what is @.
I love to eat this.
2 I also love to eat this @ 3 I am hungry.
me too @ downtown,
4 laughs on the way to school he picked up one hundred dollars! Gave me twenty! @Because fo you,
5 because of pressure each other tear forced many years too long handle 6 @ Nan know too much,
must have a good play,
a friendship can not afford to turn @ Ono Lisa 7 man's friendship,
is playing out of the fight right @HouSe 8 because she is Luchi,
and I am navigation! @.
9 mahjong,
@Aaron_G 10,
because she eats less,
I eat more,
she can't finish the share will be left for me to eat @ @ 11,
she told a