The company is a quack

Zhao Xuan,
who served as the world's top 500 enterprises senior HR manager,
is a management consulting firm consultant.
The white rose of Miss Zhao Xuan in the name of a column in three Mao human resources network,
with sharp style,
loved by readers.
The sales and management of strategic partners authorized the first Steinway books.
Character view,
career case marketing,
sometimes too smart,
really bad.
When I first entered the HT company,
a bunch of managers worked here for over five years.
The former Kate in my post for eight years,
before leaving also wrote a genuine and sincere farewell message and see all the people moved.
And she and my boss Southern China district general manager of platform of old sister rainbow,
are scattered in my sweetheart on,
I know is in the new company af

s shared a personal experience: she loves writing articles on the Internet,
sharing micro-blog and friends.
One day,
a friend commented in her circle of friends: you wrote so many articles,
how much money? Her answer is: not only can not make money,
but also have to pay a lot of time and coffee money.
What's the use of that? Friend replied.
From small to large,
we have been taught all the time to do useful thing: to go to school to read useful book,
after graduation to do useful work,
get married,
a good baby.
As long as a move was not consistent with the public aesthetic meaning advice would be: Laotaibuxiao,
don't work.
will be labeled not reliable label.
But what is fly? Do not earn money,
not utilitarian,
do not do the useful thing,

Love you ah song Xiao Xiao Xi Wai is

o joy has not yet finished,
small series really admire the play song Xiao Xiao Wang Ziwen,
would become her bestie jumped into the screen.
Looked at the picture,
the brain has suddenly become lively up? She is rich two generation,
capitalized bold rich self willed.
But the role is super cute,
even the poor live version,
Xiao Xiao koji is a feat.
Author: Fun source: sister goddess fan children (immissi) http://url.
cn/2HNUKKI please contact the authorized goddess fan children publishing editor: Mizuki Ayatsumi (mweishijie) Abstract: really admire the play song Xiao Xiao Wang Ziwen,
would become her bestie jumped into the screen.
This role is super cute girl,
how many will feel live music is a feat of Xiao xiao.
The Ode to joy has not yet finished,
small series really admire the play song

He painted the truth of modern society with his brush brush

st and artist Igor Morski from Poland has created a series of stunning comic books,
and watching them might open a different door to the world.
It is easy to believe that a picture is a true picture,
but it does not see the meaning behind it.
Text: Lili Ann picture: Igor Morski source: New Zealand (Go_Kiwi) http://url.
cn/28dVwQu please contact the authorized and found New Zealand publishing editor: Mizuki Ayatsumi (mweishijie) in Poland: a cartoonist created a series of stunning surrealism comics,
after they may open a different view of the world for you.
So we are time puppet.
We all come from the dust,
turn to dust,
but the process of life is a wonderful dance.
The amount of information stored in the large size women,
how can a man really read it.
So we are working in the

On the black fungus female students met the Chongqing teacher named crazy smile blows smoke

ing video,
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The legendary youth day, half day vacation, missed, miss it, this did not miss on the line

a whole lot of people in this world who are completely mysterious.
They always like to use something I don't know very well,
and play with or piece together something that I don't understand very well.
these things look a little bar,
so I decided to look into it.
this is a group of South African photographer Darryll Jones's works,
six years before he moved to England from South Africa,
but did not expect the winter cold and rarely see the sun.
Such weather makes a photographer who is often out of position much less fun to shoot.
But because of this,
Darryll is a new friend Eric,
and record the Eric life in a special way: Easter,
universal robot R2-D2 spit out a lot of chocolate,
Eric bags will be packed with Eric or a love baking cup cake what the boy,
not too easy occasionall

Video: 3 small tricks you might not know about in your life

ncounter trousers button won't clasp sadness so we often encounter white shoes do not wash clean but so we often encounter the zipper stuck today Madam teach you 3 tips above these three points are not to worry you motor thirteenth to study room is not feeling bang bang da! Bang! Bang! Bang! Madam original reprint need to be authorized and indicate the source

Healthy snacks, those things

is always labeled junk food simply and violently,
whether fast food is healthy or not depends on whether you choose it! There is such a fast food that we can eat well and eat well! Especially its low fat sandwich ensures low calorie and delicious taste.
it's a Subway from the United States that promotes health,
individuality and a positive lifestyle.
At Subway,
you can make a unique sandwich with fresh,
delicious and pleasant combinations of your own preferences.
But a delicious sandwich and good sauce is very important.
But how many sauces do you have? Now,
just start with a small weave to unlock the right sauce for Subway.
Honey mustard sauce and chicken and ham.
Sweet onion sauce: collocation of all kinds of meat,
especially recommended as Roasted Chicken,