Who is more sexy, liberal arts or science students?

er been able to understand the whole life of man pursuing another human being.
Perhaps I am too interesting for myself to be without someone else,
so I wish you all as much happiness as you have for me.
- Sheldon,
one thousand hearts,
there are one thousand kinds of sexy.
A recent saying is that intelligence is the latest sexy.
The people loved the Sheldon,
in life,
who can not stand,
can be on the screen,
but cute.
In Howard and Bernadette's wedding,
Sheldon wishes his shock: think carefully,
it is one of his most sincere heart.
Pleasant to others,
incidentally praised himself,
but also a bit fierce.
Another example is hawking.
Although suffering from the disease,
can only rely on the eyes and fingers to communicate with the world,
Hocking is still in the universe in a nuts