Father posing as a teenager and Daughter online love, to get the daughter Luo photo

ay daily anecdote I give him a small text,
so have the following dialogue.
It is suggested that the long word of the May Day holiday be removed,
only three days long,
and it is not shameful to say no.
Do you know what the fuse of the 54 Movement was? The May Day holiday is too short.
So later,
please call May Day a little holiday! Of course,
I also suggested that the small post small word change,
should be called small boss,
this is consistent with his size.
We all remember the circumcision advertisement before Tucao too? This is the following.
I cut the first root,
they Tucao second half price ,
never thought that this piece of TM came true.
The hospital now,
it's really hard to have a ball.
Such a small advertising,
I look hungry.
Suggest chest advertisement also hurriedly