[self testing] Youth Day have half a day off you could do

ay 4th,
54 youth day.
You know what? The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council has made it clear that the Youth Day holiday applies to 14 to 28 years of age.
/ / since youth festival and the March 8th women's festival the same nature,
belong to the part of the group for holiday,
if in May 4th of that year to catch up on Saturday and Sunday will not make other holidays,
The Central Committee of the Central Committee said that the morning or afternoon holidays were not made as hard as possible.
The units were determined by the circumstances.
young man,
have you had a holiday? Last year,
Sichuan online did 54 Youth Day,
did you have a holiday? 54 Youth Day is a holiday.
According to the online survey,
80% of the net friend's units are not on the 54 you