Smoke and wine and stay up late, myocardial infarction in front of how life and death racing?

f myocardial infarction,
many people think that this is the elderly disease,
but in fact,
in recent years,
more and more young life was taken away by myocardial infarction.
Experts said that young people with myocardial infarction,
work stress,
stay up late and other bad habits are closely related,
it is recommended for targeted prevention.
In addition,
young people should also pay attention to the signs of myocardial infarction,
sometimes inexplicable pain,
stomach pain and toothache may indicate a death,
to help and self-help,
such as waiting for emergency doctors,
can cough continuous force,
you can save my life.
30 years old,
less than two months ago,
25 year old couriers Liu appeared after chest tightness and chest pain symptoms,
each lasting 5