The men's basketball team flew to Nanning to prepare for the completion of Haigeng training tomorrow in Australia basketball tournament

May 4th news,
announced in the adjustment of the national team training list,
the men's basketball team will also be the end of three weeks of physical training,
to leave the lake,
Nanning ushered in the United warm-up match with australia.
According to sources,
the men's basketball team will be completed in 4 days in the last practice Haigen,
and will be 5 on the fly to Nanning,
will be ready in 6 days and Australia United warm-up match.
At the completion of training in Haigeng,
men's basketball team for the first time the adjustment of training list of Tao Hanlin,
Wang Ruheng and Zhao Dapeng were cut to the Olympic team,
and has been in the 3 Olympic team and the United States United game debut.
Chinese men's basketball team will be in the 6,
and 10 days in Australia United's c