The New York Times lists Guizhou and Hangzhou as the 52 most visited tourist destinations in the world

New York Times published in 2016 the world's 52 most visited tourist destination,
the list of cities in the country there are two,
one is Hangzhou,
one is Guizhou.
We are familiar to Hangzhou,
the Guizhou is simply too eccentric,
absolutely ignorant of,
small not small down.
So I decided to go into Guizhou with everyone today and get to know Guizhou.
The landscape on the mountains,
you will conquer nature heroic love; in Wan Feng,
you will have to return to the nature of mystery.
Entering Guizhou,
Huangguoshu Waterall is the largest waterfall in Asia.
It is the only waterfall in the world that can be viewed from the top,
front and rear directions.
Known as the Maling River Grand Canyon,
the most beautiful scar on the earth,
72 waterfall in a gorge,
a wat